About Beyond Organic

We pride ourselves on growing fresh, better tasting produce.

Beyond Organic Growers are fourth generation farmers using vertical, aeroponic tower technology going beyond organic to produce fresh and non-GMO fruits and vegetables. With 144 aeroponic towers and a 3500 Square foot greenhouse, our farm promotes healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Beyond Organic Growers is located in Freehold, New Jersey and distributes produce to local restaurants, grocery and specialty stores.

Being a family oriented business is a big part of our philosophy. We care about the produce we are growing and the health benefits to be gained from using farming practices that are 'beyond organic'. We love being able to provide local restaurants and stores with the freshest, best tasting produce we could possibly grow.

Aeroponics: The farming of the future

Aeroponics is a cutting-edge type technology that grows plants in vertical towers, using nutrient rich water to efficiently provide roots with the nutrients, hydration and oxygen needed. This allows for faster growing cycles and nutrient dense produce. Beyond Organic Growers uses an aeroponic water system that recirculates our nutrient solution and uses over 95% less water than traditional field farming. Here are a few key benefits to aeroponic farming:

  • No dirt or pesticides
  • Vine ripened produce
  • Higher nutritional value
  • Better tasting

Beyond Organic Customers

Beyond Organic Growers provides a variety of businesses with our produce. We offer over ten types of produce that will be available on a regular basis. Beyond that, we are always willing and excited to meet with chefs, produce managers and anyone else who wants to request a specialty item to be grown. We offer flexible delivery services at no extra cost to your business. Here are a few of the customers we are serving today!


Grocery Stores

Specialty Stores

Local Consumers

Always Fresh. Always Nutritious.


Here you will find the produce we grow, the news we make and the recipes we love


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    Our next farm to table dinner with the amazing Chef Meg of B2 Beach!